460 - Lord, the Light of Your Love is Shining

Tune: Shine, Jesus, Shine

Not being of an evangelical stripe myself any more, I wasn't really familiar with this tune in its early days.  It caught on like herpes with the pentecostal hand-waving part of the Anglican church.  One Sunday on vacation, I attended St Stephen's, Ottawa, because it's close to my home.  When I saw in the bulletin that this was going to be the hymn at the preparation of gifts, I thought, great, I'm going to experience this sung with lots of conviction.  What I didn't know is that it is traditional to clap rhythmically after the "shine on me"s at the end of the verse.  So I was singing along, and all of a sudden, it went "shine on me CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!  shine on me CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!".  I was shocked out of my skin, the sharp claps sounded like gunshots in the church.  I nearly had a friggin' heart attack!!  It was majorly upsetting, and although I now know to expect the clapping, I will never forget the feeling of "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" that came over me at St Stephens that day.