361 - Surely It Is God Who Saves Me

Tune: Ecce, Deus

This wonderful hymn tune is by Al Fedak, a prolific and talented contemporary composer.  His music is published principally by Selah Publishing Company, which is also the company who typeset Common Praise.  And that brings me to one very important thing about this book:  the typesetting is BEAUTIFUL!  It is well laid-out, the inter-linear lyrics are carefully laid out, printed in a font that is easy to read ... it really is a visual masterpiece.  Compare Common Praise with the other Canadian hymnals of its generation -- Voices United and the Presbyterian Book of Praise -- and there's no comparison, Common Praise is by far and away the best typeset book, and the perfect size (just try to make the Presby book stay open, it's impossibly thick).  Big kudos to Selah Publishing!!