178 - Restore in Us, O God

Tune: Bellwoods

There's something really creative about how James Hopkirk crafted this melody, with two 5/4 measures on the second line.  The five-measures don't feel contrived or forced, they just add a subtle bounce to the rhythmic motion.  This hymn was in the key of D-flat in the previous (red) hymnal, which was great for me because I love and adore D-flat.  However, normal people find all those flats daunting, whereas the current key of D-major, with only two sharps, is perhaps a little more accessible, if somewhat less rich than five flats.

James Hopkirk (1908-1972) was a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he studied organ and composition with Healey Willan, and organ with Charles Peaker.  He was a member of the advisory committee for the 1938 Book of Common Praise.  For many years he was Organist and Master of the Choristers at St James' Cathedral, Toronto.