Welcome to Common Praise online -- a source of musical encouragement and inspiration for lovers of Common Praise - the hymnal of the Anglican Church of Canada.

To hear what a particular hymn sounds like, simply use the menu on the left to find the hymn you're after, then click on the audio link.  If you're using an iPad or don't have Adobe Flash enabled, click on the name of the hymntune instead to open the audio file in a new browser window.

Happy music-making!


Website update. This poor site has been the victim of all kinds of technical problems due to some incorrect advice I received years ago when I first set it up. Now I am in the process of building a completely new site using basically the same content but with more secure, up-to-date software. This is a big undertaking for a site with over 700 pages (each of which has to be created individually) but it is a necessary step. The present plan is that it will come online before Easter 2018.

I'm grateful (and frankly in shock) that this site is of interest to so many people, far beyond the original handful of students who I thought would use it. I love hearing from you about how you use the site, and how it could be improved and made more useful to you. E-mail info [at] CommonPraiseOnline.ca